New Products, New Ideas, New Offices

Summer’s just around the corner and we’ve got some fantastic new products and flooring related design ideas to acclimatise your home to the fair-weather months.

We’ve got our hands on some more Crucial Trading Sisal carpets in some distinctive weaves and colours.


Wool Mississippi; Black/Silver

We now have the full range of the Wool Mississippi stripes. The loops on these carpets are incredibly fine, bringing extra definition and depth to the striking mix of colours used.


Sisal Big Boucle; Black

The new Sisal Big Boucles - on sale at 28.99/m2 for the time being - by Crucial Trading uses the metallic and rustic colours of their small boucle accents and classic ranges, enlarging the weave to produce a finish more sympathetic to larger floor-spaces or wide area rugs. 

Sisal Harry; Zinc

Metallic coloured Sisal carpets can bring a curious but pleasing mixture of properties to a space. They reflect the light, bringing the brightness and airiness usually associated with a contemporary interior design. The Sisal Harry range by Crucial Trading uses these reflective dyes but Crucial has chosen to weave the sisal into a highly traditional basketweave design. This contrast of contemporary colours with traditional weaves makes the Sisal Harry one of the most popular Sisal carpets available. 

Sisal Malawi; Twine

The Sisal Malawi, again by Crucial Trading uses a similar colour palette to the Sisal Harry, only the weave is much tighter and remains ‘traditional’ in that the weave mimics the hand-woven effect of ‘wicker’; the technique of weaving cane like materials such as bamboo or reed.


Sisal Divine; Rich Caramel

Crucial’s Sisal Divine range is an exercise in opulence and extravagance. Curvaceous, bold and seductive, the Divine truly dominates a floor-space making it particularly suited to large, open areas that are determined to make an impression.


Sisal Sahara; Ebony

A final addition to our Sisal range this summer is the Sisal Sahara. A traditional boucle weave, what really makes this carpet special is that it’s one of the very few Sisal carpets available in a stripe.

Naked's New Home

Naked Flooring has been growing at an astonishing rate over the last few years and we've outgrown our pokey offices in Redland, Bristol. At the beginning of May we moved into our brand new offices in a beautiful Georgian property in Clifton.

 Morning Sunshine at Dyrham Lodge

Built as a family home in the Nineteenth Century and serving a stint as Bristol's Chamber of Commerce, Dyrham Lodge provides the perfect back drop for the aspirational and innovative business we believe Naked Flooring to be. 

 The Naked Flooring Team

We’re all settled in to our new office - with Sisal Herringbone Holbury on the floor, naturally- so feel free to give the team a call - Kelly, David and Jonathan, along with our brilliant sample guy Andy - to chat about your flooring needs.

At Naked Flooring we’re all looking forward to a long, hot summer (hopefully), with more products, more services and more design ideas to share with our customers. Watch this space.