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Eco-friendly flooring for an eco-minded company

WeWork is an eco-minded global community of collaborative workspaces. With a keen commitment to sustainability, WeWork got in touch with Naked Flooring about providing natural rugs for a number of their European offices.

“Our approach to sustainability examines our impact on cities, communities and our members through three key pillars: energy, materials and health. We believe that each one of us can make an impact on the world.”

Founder of WeWork, Miguel McKelvey

WeWork contacted Naked Flooring after researching natural rugs online. The team recommended sisal, as the rugs were being sourced for public spaces including the office’s breakout spaces.

As well as being extremely durable, sisal also comes in a number of shades and patterns. This was particularly important when designing the unique aesthetic WeWork wanted for their offices.

After deciding on sisal rugs, Naked Flooring was then able to create custom made rugs for each of WeWork’s spaces. This service was of upmost importance as WeWork needed a provider with the flexibility to design unique rugs tailored to each space.

With nearly 200 sisal designs to choose from, WeWork ordered a large number of samples before they decided on their designs. In the end, each rug they selected featured different materials and borders in order to tie in with the specific aesthetic of each building. 

Their favourite design was a Sisal Malay Chen rug with a cotton biscuit border.

Sisal Malay Rug with a Cotton Border using Naked Flooring Rug Creator

Other designs they chose included: Sisal Boucle Tweed, Sisal Boucle Byfield, Sisal Boucle Burleigh, Harmony Boucle Fresh Silver & Sweet Barley and Sisal Malay Shanghai.

Sisal Rug swatches from Naked Flooring

As the rugs needed to be a focal point in such large spaces, the final sizes ranged from 4m x 5m up to 7m x 5m.

Custom-made natural rugs by Naked Flooring can now be seen in WeWork’s Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Dublin and Amsterdam offices.

Interested in stylish natural rugs for your workspace? Give our friendly team a call on 0117 370 2762 or start ordering samples online today.