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Essential cookies

The following are cookies that must be applied in order for the website to work:

  • DisabledCookies

    This cookie is set in order to register your cookie preferences.

  • ARRAffinity

    This cookie ensures that you're requests are always routed to the same server, stopping form and basket data from being lost between page loads.

  • ASP.NET_SessionId

    This cookie acts as an identifier, allowing temporary data (such as form submissions) to be looked up later on in the session.

  • AntiForgeryToken

    This cookie is set on pages containing forms to ensure that form submissions are not being forged.

  • merchello

    A cookie is set to store the items you add to your basket

Optional cookies

Some of the functionality of this website may not work properly if these cookies are disabled:

  • PolicyPopupAccepted

    Used to indicate that you have hidden the cookie policy popup

Analytics cookies

We use analytics to help us improve our website and give you the best online experience.

  • SiteSupport

    These cookies enable us to anonymously track movements through the website and give us detail on any errors that might occur.

  • Analytics

    Used to indicate that you have opted into tracking and analytics with the third party tools that we use.

Third-party cookies

Some of the cookies used on our website are set by third parties. We cannot control these cookies but you can manage your preferences directly with them. You can read more about how to manage preferences for third party cookies here.